GST Services

SDY & Co. helps their clients to register their business under GST, create invoices, file returns, revise mismatched returns, claim input tax credit (ITC) and understand the day-to-day intricacies of this new tax policy.  Some of the major GST assistance services available for the clients are:

  • GST Registration - under GST it is now paramount to get registration in all places of operation, and here we help our clients to get their businesses registered and educate them on the necessities for the same.
  • GST Reconciliation - Businesses can create manual invoices if they haven’t yet adopted a digital invoicing solution, but the return filing will always be done online. We, before filing return ensure that their invoices match with the ones uploaded by their suppliers. This process is called reconciliation and we make sure that this reconciliation happens every-time, on time.
  • GST Return Filing - We on behalf of our clients file respective GST Returns on Monthly and Quarterly basis. Along with Filing of GST Annual Returns and Annual Reconciliation Statements.
  • Maintaining Electronic Ledgers - Each registered taxpayer will have a profile on the government portal (GSTN) and will be given access to three electronic ledgers namely E-cash Ledger, E-credit Ledger & E-liability Ledger. These ledgers will reflect the amount of tax payable and input credit balance. The ledgers will also allow the taxpayer to settle the tax liability online. It is not going to be easy for businesses that are used to keeping records on pen and paper to suddenly transition to a digital method of bookkeeping, and here we come to our client’s rescue.
  • Compliance and Documentation - Apart from all of these, we also help our clients with compliance issues and documentation.